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End your overdrinking habit

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End your overdrinking habit

Does this sound like you?

You wake up not feeling your best self and you swear off alcohol again. You are 100% committed in the morning to not drink anymore. But by the end of the day, you find yourself wanting a drink. And then drinking more than you want. It’s a pattern, a habit. And it’s hard to stop. 

Maybe you stop for a few days, but then you are right back at it. It’s exhausting to want to cut back but find yourself drinking again. You are done with all the mental anguish about your drinking. 

Abstinence periods don’t work for you. You come back to your same pattern of drinking. Your desire is still the same. Treatment centers and total sobriety are not of interest to you. They weren’t for me, either.

When asked how alcohol problems are treated, people commonly think of 12-step programs ... In fact, there are a variety of treatment methods currently available, thanks to significant advances in the field over the past 60 years.

There is a different way.​

This is a no shame approach. Learn the way to gain control over your drinking again. 

Your brain has been conditioned to expect and seek the reward from alcohol, and this keeps you wanting and desiring more. My program focuses on reducing the over-desire in your brain. We can break this brain pattern and end the habit of overdrinking. You are not powerless.

I was a chronic, daily drinker for years. As a pharmacist, I understood that medication was not going to fix my problem. I understand how the biology of neurotransmitters work and how drinking affects and damages the brain. With my life coach training and additional course work, I have created tools that re-program the brain and decondition the over-desire for alcohol.

I will help you break the overdrinking habit.

Through my program, women gain control over their drinking by creating a new relationship with alcohol. My clients also report greater confidence, weight loss, better sleep, less brain fog, more energy, and feeling happier and much less anxious and depressed. They have better skin, better digestion, and lose the belly bloat. And they feel like themselves again – more fully alive.

This is all possible for you, too. Once you’ve completed my program, you will have changed the mental programming that keeps you overdrinking. You will have your off button back so you can stop with ease and have satisfaction after just one drink

You will be able to take it or leave it with alcohol. You will have learned the tools to create a new version of you – one that doesn’t need alcohol at the end of the day or feel the need to binge.

Here's what's included:

Eight deep-dive coaching calls

Private, weekly coaching calls over the 8 week program to help you manage cravings and cut back on drinking for good. Individually tailored to your specific needs.

Bonus self-study materials

Bonus self-study videos and worksheets between calls to apply what you learn and reprogram your brain’s over-desire for drinking.

Support when you need it

Email access between sessions for personalized support. Ask questions anytime and I will be there to guide your journey.

Ready to break your overdrinking habit?

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Ready to break your overdrinking habit?

Click below to learn the KEY step to break the overdrinking habit and become a person who can have just one drink and be done.

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