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Helping Women Stop Overdrinking and Gain Control Again

Click below to learn the KEY STEPS to effectively stop overdrinking and become a woman who can take it or leave it with her drinking.

Dr. Sherry Price

How to break your overdrinking habit

Click below to learn the KEY step to break the overdrinking habit and become a person who can have just one drink and be done.

You Can't Imagine Not Wanting Alcohol​

That was me. My intention of having 1 glass of wine at the end of my workdate to relax, turned into finishing the bottle, I spent years feeling not in control of my drinking. As a pharmacist, I knew my drinking habit wasn’t healthy, and it was weighing on me. I felt stuck.

Then I discovered the solution to break my drinking habit. It’s rooted in neuroscience and it changed my desire and my relationship with alcohol.

Building upon what I learned on my own journey, I created Drink Less Lifestyle. This revolutionary and groundbreaking program has helped hundreds of women learn to break their overdrinking habit. The program is different because it doesn’t focus on you not drinking. Instead, we focus on reporgramming your brain to change its desire for alcohol. When your desire changes, you become a women who doesn’t crave alcohol and the habit is broken.

If you are ready to:

Then I invite you to check out my Drink Less Lifestyle program.

How To Break The Overdrinking Habit

My quickstart guide on 5 key things you must learn to reprogram your brain.

Break the Habit

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Ready to Stop Thinking About Your Drinking?

You are fed up with the amount of drinking you do and the toll it is taking on you. 

You want to feel better, have more energy, and be healthier. And you want to stop thinking about drinking.

Click below to learn the KEY STEPS to effectively break the overdrinking habit and become a person who can take it or leave it.

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Ready to break your overdrinking habit?

Click below to learn the KEY step to break the overdrinking habit and become a person who can have just one drink and be done.