Helping women who want to drink less

Learn how to reduce your over-desire for alcohol.

As a pharmacist, I understand how alcohol affects the brain and why it can be hard to cut back.  Alcohol temporarily increases production of the feel-good chemicals in the brain. This stimulates the reward center of the brain, and over time, we seek to experience the pleasure more and more.

Do you wish you didn’t want alcohol most, or every, night?   Do you wish you could stop at one glass of wine with dinner?  Are you worried your drinking has become a bit out of your control?

I can teach you how to cut back on your drinking. 

Be done with the cycle and the endless mental chatter if you should or shouldn’t drink tonight.  Get over any powerlessness and/or shame.  Know that your brain has been conditioned to desire the alcohol and it can be de-conditioned as well.  My program is a process, and not a quick fix.  The tools I teach are simple, but the process can be hard.  You will learn how to manage the discomfort you feel without turning to a drink.  You will learn how to process a strong urge.  Like any training program, it takes practice to build the skills.  Once you learn the tools and skills, you will be able to control the amount of alcohol you consume.  You may even notice you can go without it….for days, weeks, or months.

Note: This program is not for people who are addicted to alcohol.  Please seek appropriate help.

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