Why Are Weekends So Hard?

The words Friday or Saturday or weekend trigger a series of thoughts.

“I can’t wait for the weekend” or “It’s Friday” are common thoughts.

These words may signal to our brains rest and relaxation.

We get to indulge with our extra free time.

Maybe we meet up with friends.  Or Netflix.  Or catch up on sleep.

Often, weekends mean more alcohol use.

Maybe we start drinking earlier in the day or have more social activities or just feel like having a “treat”.

Is that how you want to indulge on the weekend?

Is that how you want to define your weekends or “treat” your body?

If so, when does it stop feeling like a treat?  After 3 or 4 drinks?

Do you feel good about this decision the next day?

I feel it is important to honor your body without over doing it.

Determine what feels right for you.

Most weekends, I do choose to drink.

But I learned how not to over do it.

I learned what feels good to me, what aligns with my values and priorities, and how to stop.

My drinking isn’t “an issue” for me anymore.

My thoughts are no longer consumed by my drinking.

My intense desire for it is gone.

No more shame.

No more internal conflict.

I have mental peace with my drinking.

Even on weekends.

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