Wanting vs. Liking

Our brains are not good at distinguishing between wanting and liking.

The brain thinks that if we want something, we will like it.

But that is not always true.

Ever want something, buy it, and then not really like it or care for it?

Maybe it was a new flavor of ice cream you tried.

Maybe it was a new lipstick you purchased.

Yes, buyer’s remorse.

You wanted it but then you didn’t like it or care for it.

Wanting and liking are not the same.

It may be you want a drink and the wanting is so strong.

So you drink.

But then you don’t even feel like you like it.

It’s just there.

The pleasure is gone.

You chase the pleasure by having more drinks.

But the pleasure never comes back.

The pleasure was in the wanting, not in the having.

This is happening to many of my clients right now.

They are recognizing this lack of pleasure in the having.

This displeasure in the having changes the desire for the wanting.

The wanting desire begins to fade.

When the desire fades, you need to be willing to let it go.

To redefine your relationship with alcohol.

You are only attached to it in your mind.



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