The Slippery Slope

Do you talk about the slippery slope?

My clients use this metaphor a lot.

The conversation starts with “Well, I pour myself one glass and then that starts the slippery slope.  I just don’t stop after that.  It’s like all hell breaks loose.”

Listen to all these words.

Do you see how the brain has been programmed from these few sentences?

Repeating this story will create MORE of this story to happen.

You may think you are just repeating the facts.

The fact is there is no slippery slope.  It’s a metaphor made up in your brain.

And it becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy.

What if you changed that story and never told it again?

You know what would happen?

You would get a different result.

If you don’t think it, you don’t do it.

That’s the power of the think – feel – act cycle.

If there is no longer a slippery slope, then you don’t repeat past behaviors.

You brain creates a new and different relationship with alcohol.

Create a new story.

Create a metaphor that helps you and not hinders you.

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