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The Best Part of Life

If someone was to ask you, what’s the best part of life?

Chances are you wouldn’t say alcohol or drinking.

You would likely have many other answers to this question.

Maybe it’s your significant other, your kids, friends, family, going on vacation, traveling the world, watching the sunrise or sunset, sitting on the beach staring at the ocean, being in nature, etc.

Yet, when drinking becomes a habit, it can feel like it’s the best part of our day/week.

It symbolizes the best part of our day.

Or it symbolizes the transition from work to home life.

Just as the American flag symbolizes freedom, we place our own symbolization on alcohol.

For some, alcohol symbolizes celebration, relaxation, reward, treat, my friend, relief at the end of the day, cooking companion, the weekend, party, etc.

The flag is just a flag until someone tells us what it means. What it represents. What it stands for.

The same is true for alcohol.

It’s just fermented liquid in a container.

We assign all the meaning to it with our minds.

And rehearsing this symbolization every night/every weekend ingrains this further into our brains.

To the point, we don’t think we can have fun without it.

To the point, we tell ourselves we have an addictive personality.

To the point that we can’t wait for that part of our day to indulge.

To the point that we can’t see or experience other pleasure in our lives because alcohol has hijacked our sense of true pleasure.

This leads us to more depression and anxiousness and lack of true joy.

So we repeat the cycle of drinking because it’s the only pleasure our brain can feel when it’s hijacked daily with drinking.

What’s the solution?

To rewire your brain by changing all the meaning you give to alcohol.

To create a new relationship with alcohol and yourself.

To learn healthy self-care strategies.

Then you can experience true joy and more of it.

I’ve significantly changed my relationship with drinking and I love helping other women do the same.

It’s one of the best parts of my life.

Ready to change your relationship with drinking? Click here to apply for my coaching program.



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