Question Everything

Question everything.

It is one of the best skills I learned as a life coach that I didn’t really explore before.

Question the sentences we are fed.

Question your beliefs.

Are they working for you or against you?

Question. It. All.

I do this all the time.

For example, I questioned if I believe I am in “The Great Pause” that my brain hears and reads about.

My answer is no.  Thinking I am in some “great pause” doesn’t serve me.

It makes me think I should wait, slow down, or not pursue what I want to pursue in this time.

It changes my expectations – and not for the better.

Our brains are influenced by what we see, say, hear, think and read.

Question it all, my friends.

If you are doing something you don’t want to be doing, question why that is.

If you are drinking more during these times and don’t want to be, question it.

This is different than justifying it.

This is different than saying “I just want to” if you really don’t want to.

Get to the bottom of it.

Know exactly why.

So you are empowered to change it.

And live life on your terms.

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