When we pivot, we change course.

We are off in a new direction.

It could be slight or significant.

We are in times of a pivot.

It will be interesting to see how this pandemic plays out and affects how we will do things differently.

We pivoted after 9/11.

The way we traveled by airplane changed significantly.

New agency, new rules, new screenings, etc.

We came together to protect one another.

We’re encouraged to report suspicious activity.

We travel with more awareness.

We are more present.

We stopped taking safe air travel for granted.

And, ironically, that makes us appreciate it even more.

We are pivoting again.

I believe we will come out stronger.

More aware.

More present.

More alive.

More appreciative.

Life is not something you want to take for granted.

Because then you don’t get to appreciate it fully.

You are more numb.

You have less concern.

You just want to get by.

That’s exactly what excessive drinking does.


Less concern.

Just getting by.

Robbing you of the most precious gift.

Let’s accept the gift.

Stay appreciative.

And pivot with grace.

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