Are you Ready?

New Decade,
New Habits!

Are you Ready?

New Decade,
New Habits!

Tired of saying you are NOT going to drink... and then you do?

You wake up in the morning and think “I am SO DONE with my drinking”.  You are 100% committed to swearing off alcohol for the rest of the day and week.  Then, as you get home and start dinner, you find that your resolve from the morning isn’t there.  You say you’ll just have one glass.  You pour a drink.  But that one glass always seems to turn into more.  

What happened to that commitment from the morning?  

And how is it that you are so good with discipline and control in other areas of your life, but this one?

You’re smart.  You know all the negative effects and health consequences of overdrinking, yet that never seems to matter in the moment.

So why do you keep doing it?

It’s simply that drinking has become a programmed habit.  It’s how you’ve wired your brain.  It is the behavior that you just do.  Like you are on autopilot.

I know because this happened to me, too.  It scared me because I didn’t seem to know how to cut back.

Until I learned how to change my relationship with alcohol.

I wanted a better life.  And I didn’t want to be a label or count days of sobriety.  I just wanted to learn how to cut back significantly.

I wanted to not want alcohol.  I wanted to be able to take it or leave it. I learned the tools to reprogram my brain to not desire alcohol.  And these are the tools I can teach you, too.

Through my program, you will learn how to break the overdrinking habit and create a new relationship with alcohol.  One where you are in control.

You can learn how to make alcohol irrelevant to your happiness and relaxation.  

When my clients cut back on their drinking, their life opens up.  They have more joy, more energy and less mental fog, less stress and depression, get better quality sleep, improve relationships, and some lose weight.

They feel like themselves again – more fully alive and present.

Too much alcohol robs you of so much in life – health, vitality, wellness, mood stability, etc.

Get your life back by learning the science-based, cognitive tools.

Learn to stop the overdrinking habit.  Get control again.

As part of the program, you will:

  • Learn how to stop your overdrinking triggers
  • Understand why urges to drink occur and how to properly manage them
  • Define the role you want alcohol to play in your life and the learn process to make it happen
  • How to stay the course for the long haul and navigate any set backs

Here's what's included:

Videos and SElf-Study MAterials

10 weekly program lessons to break the overdrinking habit and create a new relationship with alcohol

ten Amazing group coaching sessions

Weekly LIVE group coaching calls where we discuss the material and how to apply it.  These calls take place on Wednesdays at 2pm PST/5pm EST.  All calls will be recorded if you unable to attend live.

Support when you need it

You will get access to a private Facebook community for daily support and to ask questions.  Our group is small (10 ladies maximum).  In addition, you will receive 2 bonus one-on-one calls throughout the program.


We’re Sorry. Our current group session is not accepting new members at this time. If you would like to be notified when the session opens, please register on our waitlist below.

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Our current group session is currently full and not accepting any new members. Join our waitlist below to be notified when our next group will begin.

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