Less Is More

Humans come programmed to “seek more”.  More money, more clothes, more shoes, bigger houses, super-sized meals and big drinks.  Have you ever ordered the 9 oz pour because it was just $2 more than the 6 oz pour?  More is better, right? And we can’t pass up a good deal.  Our brains get conditioned to wanting more especially when we keep feeding the habit.  I’ll have another drink. And another. Oh, and another.  If you experienced this, you know this story doesn’t end like we planned.  We seek to keep the buzz feeling going.  Just one more to stay relaxed.

Humans come programmed to seek more.

But we just get more tired, and sometimes, cranky. We get lazy and unmotivated. Things don’t get done. It’s the law of diminishing returns. We overdo it, each time. The truth is that less is more.

Every time.

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