It’s Fake Happiness

Parties, parties, and more parties.

Abundance in food and alcohol abound.

We think we should join in and try it all.

Our thoughts increase our desire for it.

We think it will provide us happiness.

How do you define true happiness?

What feels good in the moment, providing temporary pleasure but makes you feel bad in the long run?

Or is it feeling good about who you are and the choices you make?

Living in control and at the weight you want and with more energy.

I believe alcohol provides fake happiness.

It isn’t real.

It’s the illusion we are happy.

We tune out and say things we don’t really mean.

To me, real happiness comes from within.

Feeling good about my choices, who I am, and how I treat my body.

Showing up loving, rested and full of life and energy.

Showing up committed to my goals and who I want to be.

Alcohol abundance will always be available to us.

It is learning how you want to respond to it.

Each decision counts.

Each decision is a vote.

Are you deciding to go for lasting, true happiness or temporary, fake happiness?

It’s always your choice.



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