Facing Our Fears

Exposure therapy works for overcoming our fears.

That means facing our fear.

Most of us rather not.  We prefer to avoid it.

Our fear feels so big that it paralyzes us from taking action.

But fear just comes from a thought.  And we can change our thoughts.

What is your fear?  Name it.

Do you fear wasting your precious time away with your drinking?

Do you fear becoming an alcoholic?

Do you fear not having the alcohol at night and how you will manage?

What is it that creates your fear?

Anxiety?  Loneliness?

What if you faced your fear?  

Look it right in the eyes.

Analyze it.

Study it.

You may  just find there is nothing to be afraid of.

And once you are truly clear about the fear, it fades.

It may even disappear.

Fascinating how the mind works.

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