Helping you BECOME A...

woman who can take it or leave it with her drinking

Helping you become a...

Woman who can take it or leave it with her drinking

You Want To Be Healthier With Your Drinking...

The amount you drink bothers you.  

It feels like it’s too much.

You have that nagging voice in your head telling you that you should drink less.

You don’t want “a label”, to count days of sobriety, join AA, or have a sponsor. Neither did I.

You want to cut back on drinking but not stop completely.  The fact is that many people don’t need to quit, but they want to drink less.  But they haven’t figured out how to do it or if it’s even possible.  

You are tired of the negative effects your drinking is causing–

You’ve tried to cut back with periods of abstinence but you come right back to drinking the same amount.

Or you don’t have any drinks during the week but find you binge on weekends for “being so good”.

Many ways of cutting back fail because they focus on not having the drink

But focusing on the drink is NOT the key piece to drinking less.  It creates more desire and the feeling of deprivation when we say we can’t have it. 

Have you ever noticed when you say no to the drink that it causes even more desire for it?   Or that you need willpower to not have it, but after 2-3 days, your willpower is used up and you give in?

That’s because you were focused on the wrong problem. 

The key piece is your overdesire for the drink, not the drink itself.

You may know a friend who can have just 1 drink and be satisfied.  Why is that?  That’s because they don’t have OVERDESIRE, which keeps us craving more drinks.  So we have another.  Then we regret it.  And the cycle repeats because of the overdesire.

The fact is that many people don’t need to quit drinking, but they want to drink less.  But they haven’t figured out how to do it or if it’s even possible.  With the right tools and techniques, you can learn to change your overdesire so that you change your relationship with alcohol so that you can have more energy, less stress and anxiety, and enjoy a healthier and happier lifestyle. 

The Drink Less Lifestyle program is different because...

It focuses on changing the root cause of your drinking – your overdesire.

In this program, you’ll learn how to reprogram your brain and change your desire for alcohol. You’ll become a woman who is confident and in control of your drinking – if and when you decide to drink.

You won’t feel like you need alcohol or that you use it as a crutch.

And the mental tug-of-war in your brain over alcohol will go away. 

Your drinking becomes a non-issue.

Plus, you’ll learn healthy ways to manage your stress and anxiety so that turning to alcohol to cope isn’t necessary or desired.

Drinking less is easy – I can help you change your excess desire so that you are in control – if and when you decide to drink.

You don’t need to hit rock bottom before you take action.  And abstinence isn’t the only solution.  After all, alcohol is neutral and not the root cause of the problem.

My program is completely confidential and done in the comforts of your own home over Zoom (for coaching calls) and videos on my site – no insurance and nothing added to your medical record.  We get this done privately and without judgment or shame.

In this program, you'll learn:


Program Includes:

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You are powerful. Learn to have a healthier relationship with alcohol and improve your self-esteem, your self-confidence, and your life.

Change your desire to change your life.
Become a better version of you.
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