Helping you BECOME A...

Woman who can take it or leave it with her drinking

Helping you become a...

Woman who can take it or leave it with her drinking

Become A Woman Who Doesn't Desire Alcohol

The amount you drink bothers you.

It feels like it’s too much.

You want to cut back on drinking but not stop completely.

You don’t want a label or to count days of sobriety or have a sponsor. Neither did I.

You are tired of the effects caused by your drinking –

  • feeling unmotivated
  • feeling depressed or anxious
  • experiencing weight gain
  • feeling like something is missing when you don’t drink
  • worried about the example you are setting for your kids
  • completely frustrated you can’t kick this habit.

You’ve tried to cut back with periods of abstinence and you come right back to drinking the same amount.

Or you don’t have any drinks during the week but find you binge on weekends for “being so good”.

These ways of cutting back fail because they focus on not having the drink. But focusing on the drink is NOT the key piece to drinking less (and it intensifies your desire even more).

My Drink Less Lifestyle program is different.

It focuses on changing the root cause of your drinking – your overdesire.

In this coaching program, you will learn how to reprogram your brain and change your desire for alcohol. This will eliminate your overdrinking problem.

When your desire changes, you become a woman who doesn’t crave alcohol.

You don’t even think about alcohol.

You don’t miss it.

And your drinking becomes a non-issue.

Changing your overdesire for alcohol eliminates your overdrinking problem.

In this program, you will:

  • Learn how to undo your drinking triggers
  • Learn how to properly manage urges so they weaken over time
  • Create a new and different relationship with alcohol and the process to make it happen
  • Learn how to make this a lifestyle change for the long-term and navigate any set backs


Program Includes:

  • Weekly video modules teaching you the step-by-step way to change your overdesire and relationship with alcohol
  • Weekly group calls to get coaching on anything that is blocking your progress and celebrate wins
  • Weekly worksheets designed to rewire your brain's desire for alcohol and become a woman who is free and confident around alcohol.
  • Direct access to me for personal coaching via Voxer (an app).
  • Access to a private community for daily support, coaching, tips, and feedback.
  • Beautiful, custom journal sent to you upon registration.

Ready to join the Drink Less Lifestyle program? Click the link below to apply now.

You Are Powerful. Learn To Keep Your Power, Health, and Confidence Around Alcohol.

Change Your Desire and Change Your Life!
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