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The cycle of loving and breaking up with alcohol in the same day is exhausting.  You are high-functioning, successful, responsible, not claiming a disease, but you just can’t seem to cut back like you want.  That’s where I was.

Take Charge

This is a no shame approach.  Learn the way to gain control over your drinking again.  My work focuses on the cause of the problem: your brain.  Your brain has been conditioned to expect and seek the reward that alcohol seems to provide, and this keeps you wanting and desiring more.  But, we can train the brain to decrease its desire for alcohol.  We can interrupt this brain pattern and end the daily habit of drinking.

Most of my clients want to become a normal drinker again or find their “off” button.  I teach you how to get there – where you feel satisfied with one drink and you can “take it or leave it” when it comes to drinking.  You feel empowered, have more energy, sleep better, and are living a higher quality of life.  You are in charge.

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