Drinking too much and want to cut back?   I can help you reclaim control of your drinking and feel confident around alcohol.

Do You Wish You Could Stop
After 1 Drink or Not Want It At All?

You can learn this skill. It's what I teach you in this program.

It’s exhausting to want to cut back but find yourself drinking again. 

You are tired of all the mental chatter you have around your drinking.

Abstinence periods don’t work for you. You come back to your same pattern of drinking. 

Your desire for alcohol is still the same. You want a healthier lifestyle and this is one area that you can’t seem to figure out. 

A life of total sobriety or having a sponsor are of no interest to you. They weren’t for me either. 

There is another way. It’s by eliminating your desire.

Other ways of cutting back fail because they focus on not having the drink. And that doesn’t work for long. 

The key piece to breaking your drinking habit is changing your desire for the drink.

In my Break The Overdrinking Habit program, you’ll learn HOW to change your desire for alcohol so you can take it or leave it.  And be in control again.

In the Break The Overdrinking Habit program,

  • you'll have discovered all the reasons you overdrink and learn how to change your desire so you can enjoy it socially again, or be done with drinking for good.
  • you'll understand how your brain works for you as well as against you and how to confidently use the tools to drink less AND maintain your success.
  • and the best part - you'll feel healthier, happier, and be back in control again.

Drinking too much doesn’t have to be a life-long problem. 

My step-by-step program teaches you how to become someone who can ‘take it’ or ‘leave it’ with drinking.

How It Works...


Discover what is holding you back from achieving the relationship you want with alcohol.


Create your new relationship with alcohol where you are in charge. Get clarity on how to do this with my step-by-step process.


Drinking less feels amazing and you are practicing the tools to maintain your success. New habits require repetition.

Break The Overdrinking Habit Program Includes:

  • 12 weekly video modules teaching you how to eliminate your desire and create a new relationship with alcohol (one where you are in control)
  • Tools and key steps to practice with each module to achieve lasting results (this is a lifestyle change)
  • Bonus content for handling challenging situations
  • Private Facebook group access for community support, ask questions, and MORE!

Regain Your Health, Confidence, Joy and Energy Back.

This One Decision Can Change Your Life.

Are You Ready To Reclaim Your Control And Confidence?

Click the link below to purchase the Break the Overdrinking Habit program.
It will change your relationship with alcohol forever.

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