Self-Care Is Not Selfish

So many women put others first. We wear it like a badge of honor. We feel we are being kind and compassionate and loving towards others. Who gets the best of us? Our kids, our partner, our parents, our jobs, and even our pets come before us. It’s easy for self-care to take a back seat to the many concerns in our lives. When it comes time to care for ourselves, we are emotionally spent and turn to drinking. Many find relief in numbing out. The brain perceives this as “feeling good.”

But do you feel refreshed and rejuvenated after drinking? Do you feel better mentally, physically, spiritually or emotionally? Do you feel MORE equipped to handle the world? Chances are you feel more drained. Lack in energy. Lack in caring. Just not motivated to focus on you. And this turns into disgust. And self-loathing. Instead, I suggest you learn TRUE self-care. And get your MIND on board with it.  Your brain is the MOST powerful resource you own. Hands down.

Self-care is not selfish. It means that you are 100% in charge of your SELF.

Self-care is required for long-lasting health. Over-drinking is not self care. It’s self destruction. Over-drinking leads to hormonal imbalances, disruptive sleep patterns, poorer nutrition, weight gain, reduced brain functioning and increases the toxic load on your body. These are the opposite effects we want for ourselves. If we know all of this, then I have to ask: “What is it going to take to make this change that you actually want?”

Self care is not selfish. It means that you are 100% in charge of your SELF. And it is the BEST gift to give yourself. When you handle it with great care, you get great results. And a great life. I am ALL in on that. I am ALL in on MYSELF.

Are you?

Ready to re-program your brain to not over-desire alcohol?  Learn more about my 1-on-1 coaching program, Joy Beyond The Glass, where I teach you the tools needed to do just that. Schedule a free call here to find out more.

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